"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the training you gave me over the previous two days. It was a great help in understanding areas I need to examine further, as well as helping me become far more self aware. I can further my career on the back of the leadership training and coaching you’ve given."

S. Cocksedge, Royal Mail OperationsMore testimonials


"Wow! Your expertise and genuine passion for what you do is infectious. I was impressed by your knowledge and thoroughly enjoyed your inspirational, high energy training style. Engaging my diverse team in the practical exercises at each stage has really helped them to understand and assimilate how to maximise their personal performance and work more effectively together. Thank you to you and your colleagues for a highly successful and fun two days. We look forward to reaping the results back in the workplace."

Sandrine Desbarbieux, Head of Marketing Communications, BUPA

"Louise has a deep wealth of knowledge and wisdom into the complex transformational challenges facing organisations and their leaders today. The course I attended was a very effective model of delivering this insight into the development of supportive leadership skills. I have always found Louise to be extremely professional but also very approachable and she has always shown a high level of commitment and dedication to her work more than that which is commonly found. Over the period of the leadership course she has been a tremendous source of inspiration."

Julie Yaxley Programme Board Manager, NHS.

"I found Capability Centre an absolute pleasure to work with. The thinking was fresh, insightful and effective. The business coaching I received has really helped me to make significant improvements to the way I sell and manage my business. Thank you!"

P. Daly, Smallprint (previously Vodafone)

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the training you gave me over the previous two days. It was a great help in understanding areas I need to examine further, as well as helping me become far more self aware. The DISC reports were particularly useful and scarily accurate concept, and with the rest of the coaching given by you, provided a very useful insight into leadership. I never gave too much thought into the complex role a leader plays, and now that I’ve realised (and more self-aware) I can further my career on the back of the training you’ve given."

S. Cocksedge, Royal Mail Operations Graduate

"Capability Centre has an inspirational and refreshingly effective approach to building capability. They are 100% committed, with a positive, stretching attitude that’s grounded in understanding and experience."

Managing Director, Talbott’s Biomass Generators

"Impressive, motivating, interesting, vivid. I love the examples used."

Qingyi Wang, Durham Business School

"The course was a very good mixture of theory and practical examples, which will bring us better results and improved communication.”

Ruslan Turarov, Durham Business School

"I really love the group working. Everyone gets involved."

Y Cai, Durham Business School

"In terms of money and time, the benefits far exceed the costs!"

F. Alfred, Durham Business School

"An excellent workshop about how to build a high performing team. I learned a lot and really enjoyed today."

Ying Tan, Durham Business School

"The best training course I have been on. Enjoyable, relevant and succinct. Louise is a true professional and certainly knows her stuff!!"

Janet, AutoCoding Systems

"Our initial consultation with Capability Centre was really helped us understand what we could do to improve our sales performance. Although there was no obligation to book anything, we had no hesitation in inviting you back to train our whole team on sales and negotiation. The course was awesome and the team is delighted with the results."

Kerry Kent, AutoCoding Systems Limited

"Great training session. Really summed up my 3 years at uni and how to actually apply it. Thank you!"

Laura, AutoCoding Systems

"Very friendly atmosphere and presenting style made me feel at ease."

Mick, AutoCoding Systems

"A very well structured and focused course with real practical applications."

Graham W, AutoCoding Systems

"The training was very useful and really interesting. The exercises were particularly helpful and helped me understand real life situations."

Adele, AutoCoding Systems

"Louise provided the team with a really good introduction to collaborative selling in just a few hours. I would recommend her training and enthusiasm."

Graham Podmore, AutoCoding Systems

"This has been a fantastic programme and has developed my skills and awareness. I have gained a real understanding and confidence in driving high performance."

Kuldip Rait, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

"Louise has great knowledge of business practices and resources and can relate her own working experience to help the learning of her delegates in a workshop environment."

Rachel Essenhigh, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

"Most enjoyable, informative and rewarding, with many examples of dealing with different situations. Has taught us to appreciate each other’s traits, skills and strengths and how we can use those skills to make the team operate better and achieve more of our team goals."

Barry Katz, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

"Lots of energy. Lots of practical. The workshop will help us in coaching our teams and coaching each other to achieve our goals."

Nicola Knaggs, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

"When Louise facilitated a forum discussion, the session became extremely powerful and thought provoking. She avoided getting bogged down with a theoretical approach, keeping it real and relevant to our business. Good job."

Andy MacMillan, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

"Team working has increased. Greater awareness, participation and team positivity. Beneficial and enjoyable."

Neil Hartshorn, Regional Manager, Sally Beauty Holdings

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