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Sales performance


How effective are your sales people? Do they:

Undertake efficient, reliable prospecting and customer research?

Know at every step of the sales process what they are aiming to discover, communicate and achieve?

Recognise the personality profiles of their customers and tailor their approach and selling style accordingly?

Actively listen to your customers and understand and amplify their pain and desires, so they can convincingly attract the sale?

Excite your customers with a differentiated solution that is critical for their success and survival?

Know the most effective way to overcome customers’ objections and recognise false objections?

Know now how to communicate and trade value in a negotiation without relying on price?

Know how to recognise and handle the negotiation tactics regularly used by buyers to get what they want?

Know how to recognise the signals, upgrade the sale and secure agreement at the right time?

Habitually coach each other for success?

ATTRACT Sales™ Workshop Outcomes:

Our ATTRACT Sales™ methodology can help your sales team achieve all of the above and more. It is a powerful, robust process with the flexibility you need to connect better with customers and grow productivity, market share and revenue.

The ATTRACT Sales™ methodology has been developed and honed in the constantly evolving and highly competitive Fast Moving Consumer Goods environment. It is fully adaptable, so it can be customised to meet your requirements – whether you are looking to increase customer focus, close-rate and forecast accuracy, motivate your salesforce or speed up your sales cycle.

We offer personality profile training in combination with our sales courses, to enable your sales team to recognise different buying preferences and tailor their approach to attract and close the sale. We will also be delighted to provide sales coaching training to enable your sales team to support each other and facilitate continued performance improvement back at work.

Who do we enable?

Anyone involved in selling in your organisation:

Sales representatives starting out in sales

Sales managers making the transition to sales leadership

Senior sales leaders looking to hone or refresh their existing sales skills Individual sales professionals and sales teams from small, medium or large companies

We also offer open ATTRACT Sales™ workshops for individuals interested in joining those from other companies to improve their sales capability and increase revenue generation.

Contact us for a free sales consultation

Our programs vary in length and content. They all incorporate practical exercises to enable immediate application of the learning – this can include real workplace issues and scenarios as well as outdoor exercises, depending on the venue.

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you or your team build sales capability, please contact us by phone, email or via our online form.

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