Capability Centre believes in delivering results that last. That's why when you invest in us, we invest in you every step of the way. We will bend over backwards to assess your needs and deliver tailored training and coaching programs. We also offer our alumni free mentoring for life. Priceless.

Capability Centre process

Capability Client Meeting: to understand client’s needs

  • Understand client’s objectives and current challenges
  • Discuss opportunity
  • Agree next steps

Assess: meet with client's employees and customers to:

  • Determine current reality and capability
  • Identify issues and challenges facing the organisation
  • Understand strengths, weaknesses and opportunity areas

Program Design: Agree appropriate program of intervention

  • Design program
  • Align content, timings, deployment methods
  • Agree costs and estimate ROI

Action: Deploy bespoke inspirational training course

  • Workshop and materials tailored to company
  • Training delivered by experienced business people
  • Develop in-house "Capability Champions"

Build: Coaching to instil application of learned skills

  • Lock-in Capability through individual and group coaching
  • Build motivation, confidence & ability to over-achieve
  • Establish a high performance coaching culture

Lifetime Mentoring: free to all Capability Centre alumni to amplify learning

  • Mentoring for alumni of training courses and/or 3+ coaching sessions
  • Mentoring available by email or over the phone
  • Support in-house "Capability Champions"

Evaluate: Return on Investment :

  • Secure feedback from client
  • Work with client to measure ROI
  • Capture and apply learnings



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