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The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) is the world’s most popular psychometric tool for understanding individual personality preferences and how they impact performance. An understanding of type preferences also enables us to identify powerful ways to influence and work with others to achieve the best outcomes.

The Indicator is based on the personality theories of the eminent Swiss psychologist Carl Jung and was developed by Briggs and Myers after 20 years of research. It continues to be refined and updated. Research papers on the Indicator number over 4,000, providing strong support for the reliability and validity of the MBTI® tool.

The MBTI® questionnaire consists of a series of forced-choice questions that sort people according to psychological preference on four scales:

  1. Extraversion – Introversion (where you prefer to obtain and focus your energy)
  2. Sensing – Intuition (what information you prefer to gather and trust)
  3. Thinking – Feeling (what process you prefer to use to make decisions)
  4. Judgement – Perception (your preferred 'lifestyle')

MBTI® is one of the few models of personality that describes differences positively. It is not a measure of skills or abilities and each type is considered to be equally valuable with its own strengths and possible pitfalls. When applied in an ethical and directed way, understanding your own and other's preferences can drive valuable, tangible improvements to working relationships and job satisfaction.

MBTI® workshop outcomes:

Our accredited MBTI® practitioner(s) will facilitate the assessment of everyone prior to attendance of the workshop. Each attendee will be given their own MBTI® report.

The workshop itself embodies many practical exercises and MBTI® materials to enable you to:

  • Recognise the different personality types in a constructive way
  • Appreciate and understand your personal preferences
  • Identify your dominant function and its influence on your behaviour
  • Recognise and work with your inferior function
  • Value and leverage diversity
  • Improve communication and enhance working relationships
  • Flex your style to influence and lead others more effectively
  • Improve problem-solving strategies
  • Resolve conflict
  • Help manage and overcome resistance to change
  • Identify stress responses and how to manage stress

Our programs vary in length and content, although the initial Myers-Briggs introduction is usually a 1 day course. Additional half-day or one day workshops are available to enable individuals and teams to apply the MBTI® indicator to leadership, conflict resolution, stress-management, sales and coaching.

All Capability Centre workshops incorporate practical exercises to enable immediate application of the learning – this can include real workplace issues and scenarios as well as outdoor exercises, depending on the venue.

We will be delighted to meet with you to understand your requirements, before designing a solution to meet your specific needs, opportunities and preferred approach.

Who do we enable?

Individuals and teams who wish to understand their personality preferences and those of others

Those who are looking to improve their communication, sales or leadership skills

Managers wishing to lead their teams through change or conflict with minimal stress

Teams wishing to improve their cohesion, communication processes, overall performance and morale will benefit from understanding and utilising the MBTI® Instrument.

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