"Lots of energy. Lots of practical. The workshop will help us in coaching our teams and coaching each other to achieve our goals."

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Coaching for Success

Coaching is one of the most powerful business tools available to organisations today.

Exceptional organisations understand the value of creating a coaching culture, where most individuals regularly utilise 360° coaching as a way to enable and support each other for improved performance. They also recognise that the motivation to undertake a particular task or action increases when we have identified the need for ourselves – an outcome that is achieved through coaching.

The existence of peer coaching in an organisation has been found to be the greatest predictor of team success. Where a coaching culture exists, businesses discover that conflict is reduced while morale, capability and employee effectiveness are increased.

Capability Coaching workshop outcomes:

Our executive coaching programs enable business professionals to understand and utilise coaching to help their direct reports and peers achieve their objectives faster and more effectively than they ever could on their own.

Our coaching culture workshops (for individuals, teams and managers) impart the positive skills and behaviours required to:

  • Grow coaching capability
  • Understand and use a proven coaching process *
  • Engage and motivate others more successfully
  • Increase focus
  • Build confidence
  • Foster independent thinking and accountability
  • Create alignment
  • Improve goal setting
  • Build self-awareness
  • Reduce conflict and stress
  • Avoid micro-managing

* We are happy to train whichever coaching model you prefer, though we recommend our Aligned CoachingTM model for business executives or the popular GROW model.

Our programs vary in length and content. They incorporate practical exercises to enable immediate application of the learning – this can include real workplace issues and scenarios as well as outdoor exercises, depending on the venue.

We will be delighted to meet with you to review your organisation’s current coaching capability, before designing a solution to meet your specific needs, opportunities and preferred approach.

In addition to our coaching workshops, we also provide individual leadership, sales and executive coaching as well as team performance coaching.

Who do we enable?

Anyone and everyone will benefit from coaching!

Those who want to help others achieve their objectives more quickly and effectively than they ever could on their own.

Managers who need their team to reach their full potential quickly

Leaders charged with motivating others through change or conflict

Senior leaders wishing to improve performance

Managers wishing to inspire and enable their staff without micro-managing them

Anyone wishing to improve their capability; determine the right action to take; identify and achieve goals effectively; or recognise and remove barriers to progress will benefit from executive coaching.

Teams wishing to improve their cohesion, alignment, business processes and overall performance will benefit from team coaching.

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If you are interested in hearing more about how we can help you or your organisation create a coaching culture, or you are interested in our individual or team coaching services, please contact us for a free consultation.

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