"I forget what I was taught. I only remember what I have learnt."

Quotation from Patrick White, Australian Nobel Prize winning author.

Why coach as well as train?

Train to explain, coach to sustain.

Did you know:

  • Training is most effective when it stimulates a range of learning styles.
  • People retain and apply learning best when they discover it for themselves.
  • The more quickly learning is put into practise, the more likely it is to be applied ongoing.
  • Change is sustainable when people learn how to carry out the changes themselves.
  • Executive coaching is crucial in ensuring that knowledge acquired during training actually emerges as skills that are applied at work (Public Personnel Management, Vol. 26 1997).

We do! That's why Capability Centre:

  • Designs training that appeals to visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learners.
  • Uses real-life scenarios to bring the theory alive and facilitate self-discovery.
  • Builds in practical applications to enable deep learning and immediate implementation.
  • Offers coaching to stimulate self-discovery and ownership of any changes.
  • Amplifies the learning with mentoring for life, to ensure the new skills and behaviours are fully assimilated and applied at work.


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