"I found Capability Centre an absolute pleasure to work with. Their thinking was fresh, insightful and effective. The business coaching I received has really helped me to make significant improvements to the way I sell and manage my business. Thank you!"

P. Daly, Smallprint (previously Vodafone) More testimonials

Capability Centre Coaching Model


  • Align outcome and format of the session
  • Agree codes of conduct; e.g. confidential, open, honest


  • Client learns from where they are today and what they have tried so far. What do they want to change?
  • Client decides what they want to change?


  • Client imagines their ideal future. What does it look & feel like?
  • What will they have that they don’t have now? Is it inspiring?


  • Client identifies the Goal in one sentence if possible and makes it SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-bound).


  • Client generates new options/possibilities/approaches and identifies possible next steps.


  • Client evaluates the options and determines which one is best for them.
  • Coach checks motivation & level of commitment!

Do it!

  • Client decides which next step they are going to take.
  • Determine how they will measure & recognise success.



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